Sstephanee Shelton


My name is Sstephanee Shelton.  I am a single mother of twin boys who are 10 years old with autism.

Testimony Award Recipient

I’m currently working on my bachelors degree and will have my bachelors degree in May 2022. Before ESSP scholarship it was a struggle trying to have money that would help me with the rest of books, tuition fees and other personal expenses. Being a single mother and not working is very difficult while trying to attend college and juggling my children expenses is very difficult and can be stressful.How ever after applying for ESSP scholarship and receiving the scholarship has taken a whole lot of stress off me.I’m able to cover the cost of college and able to cover some personal expenses for myself and my children . I also developed bond with Mr.Ray and Mrs.Carol it is very nice to have somebody positive in my life other than my mother and my twin boys and always pushing me to do better and encouraging me to do better . I am very grateful for the opportunity to develop strong bonds and have new family members and having the ESSP scholarship to help me cover expenses. If it wasn’t for ESSP scholarship I am not really sure how I would made it this far in my education.


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